Did I tell you that there is a tree in our house?  It’s called a Christmas Tree.  Mom and Dad have been putting colorful things underneath it called presents.  I didn’t have any idea what this was all about, but Lina has been asking every day if she can open the presents.  I didn’t know what she was talking about, until today.  It turns out that the colorful presents are because it’s Christmastime.  Christmastime is when you visit with your cousins, have a tree in your house, listen to lots of music, and open presents and play with what is inside.  Seems great to me.  I’m not able to open the presents, so Lina opened mine for me.

We had a lot of fun.  Later this week it will be Christmas Day.  That’s a day when people celebrate the birth of a man who was named Jesus.  Mom and Dad say that he was a really nice guy who helped people.  On Christmas Day another man named Santa might come to our house with more presents.  Can you believe that?  More presents!  I can’t wait.


Movin’ On Up

I have good news to report. I still have a lot of snot, so that isn’t the good news. The good news is that last night I moved into my real bed in our bedroom. It was the first time Lina and I slept in our room together.

Here I am in my crib.

Mom and Lina were excited and nervous. I was just tired (and Dad was at work).

Everything went fine, until…duh duh duh…the snot struck again. In the middle of the night I couldn’t breath so well, so Mom put me in my car seat in her and Dad’s room. But I’m excited to go back to my room with my sister soon.

Bad News

I have bad news to tell you. It isn’t that my Papa John and Gram Pat had to go home. That did make me a sad, but I will see them when I get to meet my cousins at Christmas.

My bad news is Mom took me back to Mr. Dr. Dagli. This time it was because I’m sick. My sister had a cold. Then my dad got it. A cold is when you have a lot of snot. I know this because now I have a cold. It is no fun. When you have a lot of snot it is hard to breathe out of your nose. Did you know that you can also breathe out of your mouth? I’m just learning this, and sometimes I forget. Then I can’t breathe at all. Mom and Dad get scared. So do I.

Mr. Dr. Dagli says I will be OK. I was glad to hear that. Last night Mom and Dad had me sleep in my car seat. Isn’t that wierd? Mr. Dr. Dagli said that was a good idea. It helps with the snot. And I have a humidifier. Here I am trying to be healthy.


In good news, Lina and I helped Mom and Dad make some Christmas cookies tonight.



Lina was allowed to eat some of the batter. I couldn’t. I’m too little.


One month in

Hello friends. Tomorrow I will be one month old. I’ve been working hard on bulking up. I try to eat a lot. Mom and I have a system worked out. I cry, she feeds me. It’s pretty straight forward. I saw Mr. Dr. Dagli today and he gave me a good review. Says I weigh 9 pounds and 5 ounces. Which is a lot. Mom and Dad were glad, because sometimes they worry. I’ve had this thing where my tummy hurts. I complain and groan, sometimes I spit up, and a few times I did what they called “projectile vomit.” It’s all normal the doc says. It may be normal, but I don’t like it.

Dad and Lina had a cold and fever. They were worried that I would this cold to. I might have. Lots of boogers. But the doctor told mom and dad they can relax. That’s good.

After my appointment I went to lunch with Mom, Dad, Papa John, and Gram Pat. Here we are at my favorite place, Tip Top


They came yesterday. I like they visit. My Grandma Connie was visiting, but she had to go home to Texas and see Grandpa Pedro. I had a lot of fun visiting with them. They are really nice.

Did you know that it’s Christmastime? Lina had been telling me about this. You get something called presents. And there is a tree in our house!


Best of all, I get to go on a road trip. That’s when Mom, Dad, Lina, and I all sit in the car for a long time and drive to this place called Ohio to Papa John and Gram Pat’s house. And my cousins will be there. Lina days they are all awesome. I can’t wait to meet them and hear more about these presents.

I’ll be sure to update you! Lina days in supposed to say Merry Christmas now.


Two Weeks Old

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I don’t know what this means, but Mom and Dad say that it is a Holiday today.  And, I’m two weeks old. A lot is happening.


I saw Mr. Dr. Dagli Tuesday. He and Mom and Dad talked a lot. The big news is I weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces.  This is important.  When I was born I weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces, but those first few days were tough and I lost almost one pound. Now that I weigh more than when I was born Mr. Dr. Dagli says I am very healthy, AND – da da daaaa – Dad and Mom don’t need to wake me up to eat every three hours any more.  This is good news for everyone.  But…..

Nighttime is not my favorite time. The last few days I’ve been awake more, which is super. I’m looking around, doing some exercises (more on that in a minute). This also means that sometimes I’m overwhelmed and cranky.  And my belly hurts.  And I get hungry.  I don’t like these feelings at all.  So I cry.  Mom and Dad also don’t like it because this happens when they are going to bed.  They keep telling me it will be OK.  I’ll try to trust them. I have discovered this amazing thing called a pacifier. Mom and Dad say Lina didn’t really like them when she was my age, but they make me feel secure and sleepy. If you are ever a little scared or unsure what to do, I’d say give a pacifier a try. They are working for me.

As for the exercises, Dad has introduced me to a workout called Tummy Time.  Everyone says that I’m strong.  I like to grab things and pull them to me.  It’s satisfying.  And when I’m working on Tummy Time I lift my head and try to hold it in the air, then I turn my head side to side.  It burns, but that good kind of burn you know?  Until it’s not good.  Then I cry.

My Grandpa Pedro and Grandma Connie are still visiting.  They are very nice.  They came all the way from Texas!  (Which I hear is far away). They play a lot with Lina.  I can’t wait until I’m bigger and can play too.  Mom, Dad, and Lina are very excited because Grandma Connie is making special food for Thanksgiving.  I don’t really care because I don’t eat food.  But I’m glad they are excited.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I took my first bath.  I did not like it at all.  I didn’t understand what was going on or why it had to happen.  I cried.  Mom and Dad said that I was dirty.  I felt fine, but whatever.  I guess we’ll do it again someday, but I hope not.


My hair is getting darker, so that’s cool.  Mom and Dad say that I have dark brown eyes and will probably have black hair.  I like it.

Lucasfirstdays_190Lina likes it too.  She says it’s soft and likes to touch it.  Lina is awesome.  She gives me kisses and talks to me and it makes me feel warm and safe.  And sometimes when I’m sleeping she comes and checks on me, and will give me a toy or pacifier, or tell Mom and Dad if I’m “whimpering.”  I don’t think she knows that I know. But I know and I’m happy.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a good Thanksgiving and someone made good food for you to eat, if you’re into that.  Here are a couple of more pictures Mom and Dad have taken.

Family Portrait

Lucasfirstdays_142My sister was doing art at school this week and the last two days she has been working on family portraits.  This is what she drew yesterday.  I really like it.  And she wrote her name on it.  Twice.  Because she is really smart.

Settling in

Hello friends. I’ve been home for a few days now. I like it. My Papa and Gram Pat are visiting. It’s been great to meet them. They will go home soon and then my Grandma and Grandpa from Texas are coming to visit. That will be lots of fun.

Today I met Mr. Dr. Dagli. His hands were cold, but he was nice enough. He said that I’m healthy, do I have that going for me.

When I’m at home I like to nap and eat. They are my two favorite things to do. Sometimes my belly hurts, or I don’t want to be by myself. So I cry. Mom says I’ll learn words someday, but crying seems to work. Most of the time.

My mom and Dad are cool. And I really like my sister. She’s sweet. Here we are playing today after she came home from school.