Bad News

I have bad news to tell you. It isn’t that my Papa John and Gram Pat had to go home. That did make me a sad, but I will see them when I get to meet my cousins at Christmas.

My bad news is Mom took me back to Mr. Dr. Dagli. This time it was because I’m sick. My sister had a cold. Then my dad got it. A cold is when you have a lot of snot. I know this because now I have a cold. It is no fun. When you have a lot of snot it is hard to breathe out of your nose. Did you know that you can also breathe out of your mouth? I’m just learning this, and sometimes I forget. Then I can’t breathe at all. Mom and Dad get scared. So do I.

Mr. Dr. Dagli says I will be OK. I was glad to hear that. Last night Mom and Dad had me sleep in my car seat. Isn’t that wierd? Mr. Dr. Dagli said that was a good idea. It helps with the snot. And I have a humidifier. Here I am trying to be healthy.


In good news, Lina and I helped Mom and Dad make some Christmas cookies tonight.



Lina was allowed to eat some of the batter. I couldn’t. I’m too little.



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