I’m out!

Hello, hello, hello.  My name is John Lucas Gleeson.  Please call me Lucas.  I was born two days ago and I am very happy to be here.  You may know my sister, Lina.  She told me when she was little she would post things for you on this blog.  I’m not sure who you are yet, but I will follow my sister’s example.  I’m glad to get to know you.

I was in my mom’s belly for a long time.  I only remember the last few weeks.  It was nice and warm, but really crowded and I was ready to get out.  On the morning I was born, Mom and I slept like usual.  Then she started to wake up – I think to go to a place called work.  I tried to let her know that I wanted to come out.  Nothing seemed to be happening, so I tried a little harder.  I could hear Mom and Dad talking a lot and it felt like we were moving around, but I still wasn’t able to come out.  Then I tried even harder.  She wasn’t really getting it, so I was about to come out anyway.  Just then I heard a strange man say, “Ok, you’re going to push with the next one.”  I don’t know what that means, but I was ready.  So I was born.

I’m just getting used to being here.  It’s not so bad.  Mom is awesome and keeps letting me eat with her.  They call it, “nursing.”  I like the way it makes me feel.  Yesterday I had something called a “surgery.”  The strange man took some of my skin off.  I don’t know why.  It wasn’t too bad, I got to suck on some sugar water.

My sister has come to visit me twice.  She is so big.  Today mom and I get to go home.  I can’t wait to find out where I live and hang out more with Lina.

Dad took some pictures the day I was born.  Here are a few if you want to see them.



A Thanksgiving Tale

It’s the Holiday season, and last week we started it off with quite an adventure!  See, Thursday was something called Thanksgiving.  Which is a day to get together with some family and eat really good food.  Mom and Dad decided that to do this we would go on our first real road trip, and visit my cousin Elle’ in Louisville which is in a place called Kentucky.  I was excited to visit Elle’ and meet my Uncle Mike and Aunt Nina – and I was excited to visit Kentucky, because that’s where the Wildcats are!

But, before we left I got my first cold.  I’m not sure why it’s called a cold, because it actually made me feel quite warm.  Mom said it was a fever, and that it meant my body was trying to get rid of the cold.  Whatever, it didn’t feel good.  And I have had snot coming out of my nose for DAYS.  And Monday night I had trouble sleeping because it was hard to breath with all the snot.  Then Tuesday night was even worse.  Mom and Dad tried everything in their parenting toolbox, but I just felt like crud.  Then they decided to give me some medicine to help with my fever.  It kind of worked, but I still couldn’t breath, and even though I was really sleepy, I just couldn’t sleep.  So at 4 in the morning, Dad made the decision that it was time to leave for Kentucky.  Then he took my picture (jerk):

Turns out, it was a good decision.  Mom and I slept, and slept, and slept, and slept.  And Dad drove, and drove, and drove.  We stopped a few times at rest stops to eat and stretch.  There were a lot of people there.  They said we were in the car for nine hours, but I don’t know.  Towards the end I was getting a little bored, and then we were there!  I got to see Elle’ again:

And it was great to meet Uncle Mike and Aunt Nina.  And the best part is that night I was able to sleep OK.  I was a little nervous after such a crummy night the day before.  Mom and Dad were extra proud of me because it was the first time I didn’t sleep in my crib since I was a little, little baby.  I slept in something called a pack-n-play.  It was a little weird at first, but I adjusted – you know me, I’m an easy going gal.

Then the next day was Thanksgiving Day.  And what a day it was.  Uncle Mike built a fire in their backyard:

Then it was time for dinner.  I had no idea what was coming!  First, Uncle Mike had to carve the turkey.  It was huge!  An entire turkey!

While he was doing that, Aunt Nina was finishing up two types of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, brussel sprouts, and cranberry sauce!  Then it was time to eat:

I had turkey (yum), mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and even a few bites of Aunt Nina’s stuffing.  Mom and Dad explained that it’s different than the stuffing Mom’s family makes.  I’m glad I get to eat both kinds.  Oh – and Dad cut up some avocado for me since I didn’t have any cranberry sauce or gravy.  I like Thanksgiving!  After dinner, it was time to clean up:

Then I had to go to bed (all that turkey made me sleepy).  Glad to report night two in the pack-n-play was even easier than the first night.  The rest of the gang went back out to the bonfire.  I can’t wait until I’m old enough to stay up late:

You’d think that was enough fun for my first road trip, but we weren’t done.  On Friday we went to a place called Churchill Downs where horses race.  Everyone was really excited.  Here are Mom and I at Uncle Mike’s box:

I have to admit, I didn’t have the best time.  It was cold out, and I still was feeling a little of the cold (so much snot).  And I wanted to run around and play, but it was crowded and Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me touch a lot of things.  In the end Dad said that it’s not really the place for girls my age.  But everyone had a lot of fun and told me stories about horse racing.  I hope to go back when I’m a little older.  After we left, Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike, and Elle’ went shopping, and I got to play with Aunt Nina.  We had F-U-N!!!

I was wore out after all that.  The bad news is the next morning I woke up with my first bloody nose.  The good news is that Mom and Dad were a lot more concerned about it than I was.  I’m just frustrated that this silly cold won’t stop making snot.  Either way, it was time to drive home.  It took FOREVER.  But Mom and Dad said that I was a great traveling buddy.  It wasn’t the worst.  I took a few naps, and got a new book from the nice lady at Wendy’s.  The best part, though, was getting home.  I was so excited to see my toys, and my room.  And Katie.  I’m so excited because Katie is starting to hang out with me more.  I even think she was happy to see me.

That’s my first Thanksgiving story.  Now it’s almost Christmas.  I’m not feeling so hot today, but after my nap we are apparently going to buy a tree.  I’m not sure what this is all about, but Mom and Dad are happy.  I’ll keep you informed…


I need your help guys – my Dad is acting weird.  Now that I can stand, I like to practice in my crib after I wake up.  Today Dad came in after my morning nap and we were talking, then all of the sudden he started laughing and took a bunch of pictures, then he asked me a very strange question.  He said, “How much wood can you chuck?”

I asked him what he was talking about.  He just laughed and told me to ask you guys.  I told him you would be just as confused as me.  He said that if I show you these pictures you would know.  So, here’s me standing in my crib:

Then for some reason he took some pictures over my shoulder.

Any idea what the heck he’s talking about?

Nine Months

Hello all.

It’s been an eventful week.  Last Tuesday was called Election Day.  Mom and Dad were excited.  Early in the morning we went to a school so they could vote.  I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but I do know that they told me that it was very important.  There were a lot of people at the school, and everyone seemed as excited as Mom and Dad.  After we stood in line, Dad and I went to a computer and he voted.  I could tell that Dad was happy.  He was trying to tell me what he was doing, but I was really tired.  Then we each got a sticker.  In a minute I’ll show you some pictures of us with our stickers.  The next day Dad was really tired.  He said he was up really late on Election Day and he found out that Barack Obama is President.

Then on Thursday I had to go see Mr. Dr. Dagli because I’m nine months old.  Which reminded me that I wanted to tell you that I’m nine months old.  Mom says that I was inside her for nine months before I was born.  So now I’ve been born longer than I was inside Mom.  Dad says it’s something called a milestone.  Mr. Dr. Dagli says that I weigh 22.8 pounds and am 29 inches tall, which he says is pretty big (95th and 90th percentiles, if that means anything to you).  He also gave me a flu shot.  As I’ve told you in the past, shots aren’t fun, but I can get over it.  But on Friday night I did not feel very good at all.  I’m all better now.

Today Mom and Dad and I played in the front yard.  Dad made a great big pile of leaves, and then Mom put them into bags.  But before she did that they wanted me to get in the pile.  He said that it would be fun.  I gave it a try, but it was not very fun.  It was weird.  I lost my balance and it was hard to move and I sank and they were itchy.  Dad swears that I’ll have more fun next year.  We’ll see.  Anyway, he took some pictures (of course).

Graceful Gleesons

You know what’s really, really funny? Watching your mom dance to music called the Nutcracker.

You know what is not funny? Laughing so hard that you fall backwards and hit your head on the hardwood floor.

But don’t worry – I’m alright. Mom is quite a dancer. She called it ballet. And the Nutcracker is for Christmas, which is a day in December that has its own music. Mom & Dad usually only listen to the music in December, but they’re excited for us to Christmas together. Apparently we are going to have a tree INSIDE our house. That’s nutty. I can’t wait.

Happy Halloween!

Today is called Halloween. You get to wear a costume and visit your neighbors, and then they give you candy. I don’t know what candy is, and Mom and Dad said that I have to wait until next year to find out. But all the big kids seemed super excited about it. I was excited about my costume. It is called a strawberry. It was pretty and bright and red. Even though I didn’t learn what candy is, I had a lot of fun going out – it’s called Trick and Treating – with my friends Kunga and Sonam. Here’s a picture of them and their candy.

They are Mrs. Sherab’s daughters, and I really like them. I want you to meet them. Hey Sonam, say hello to all of my blogging pals.

Heyyyy! I’m Sonam and I’m ALMOST 13. I love Lina- she’s the sweetest baby ever! She’s like a beautiful combination of a goddess and an angel. I love it when the first thing I see outside my house after I come home from school is her baby stroller!! She’s too beautiful to look at!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok well, that’s all I have to say.

Oh geez. Goddess and angel. That makes me feel special. It is a lot of fun when I get to visit your house and play with you and Kunga. And I’m glad that you got to spend tonight with Mom, Dad and I. I liked your costume, but I don’t know what it was. And what was Dad talking about when he said you were breaking the rules? I didn’t understand.

Well, I was going for Harry Potter but your mom told me I should be a college graduate so that was that. And then a bunch of people asked questions like: Are you a high school graduate? or Are you a college Graduate? And in my head, I’m like: NO! I’M HARRY POTTER!!!!! GEEZ! But to them, I’m like: Uh…yeah! When your dad said I was “breaking the rules”, he meant that going trick-or-treating without a costume was “against the law” (according to him anyways…) and that I had to have a costume. So your mom suggested her college graduating gown.

Oh, well that makes a little bit of sense. Sort of. I’m glad you got some candy. Which candy is your favorite?

TWIX!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THE BEST CHOCOLATE AND CANDY IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!! You should try it when you’re old enough to eat chocolate and you can actually chew it. 🙂 My second favorite would be Kit Kat- also a brand of chocolate.

Hmmm. I’m excited. Right now my favorite is cheerios. I’m not sure if that is a candy or not, but they are delicious. OK, now it’s almost time for bed. Next time I’ll have to ask Kunga some questions so everyone can meet her.

Before I go I want to share some pictures from a party Mom, Dad, and I hosted on Sunday with my friends Ellie (a tutu ghost), Will (the Detroit Tiger), and Asa (the court jester).

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