Two Weeks Old

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I don’t know what this means, but Mom and Dad say that it is a Holiday today.  And, I’m two weeks old. A lot is happening.


I saw Mr. Dr. Dagli Tuesday. He and Mom and Dad talked a lot. The big news is I weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces.  This is important.  When I was born I weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces, but those first few days were tough and I lost almost one pound. Now that I weigh more than when I was born Mr. Dr. Dagli says I am very healthy, AND – da da daaaa – Dad and Mom don’t need to wake me up to eat every three hours any more.  This is good news for everyone.  But…..

Nighttime is not my favorite time. The last few days I’ve been awake more, which is super. I’m looking around, doing some exercises (more on that in a minute). This also means that sometimes I’m overwhelmed and cranky.  And my belly hurts.  And I get hungry.  I don’t like these feelings at all.  So I cry.  Mom and Dad also don’t like it because this happens when they are going to bed.  They keep telling me it will be OK.  I’ll try to trust them. I have discovered this amazing thing called a pacifier. Mom and Dad say Lina didn’t really like them when she was my age, but they make me feel secure and sleepy. If you are ever a little scared or unsure what to do, I’d say give a pacifier a try. They are working for me.

As for the exercises, Dad has introduced me to a workout called Tummy Time.  Everyone says that I’m strong.  I like to grab things and pull them to me.  It’s satisfying.  And when I’m working on Tummy Time I lift my head and try to hold it in the air, then I turn my head side to side.  It burns, but that good kind of burn you know?  Until it’s not good.  Then I cry.

My Grandpa Pedro and Grandma Connie are still visiting.  They are very nice.  They came all the way from Texas!  (Which I hear is far away). They play a lot with Lina.  I can’t wait until I’m bigger and can play too.  Mom, Dad, and Lina are very excited because Grandma Connie is making special food for Thanksgiving.  I don’t really care because I don’t eat food.  But I’m glad they are excited.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I took my first bath.  I did not like it at all.  I didn’t understand what was going on or why it had to happen.  I cried.  Mom and Dad said that I was dirty.  I felt fine, but whatever.  I guess we’ll do it again someday, but I hope not.


My hair is getting darker, so that’s cool.  Mom and Dad say that I have dark brown eyes and will probably have black hair.  I like it.

Lucasfirstdays_190Lina likes it too.  She says it’s soft and likes to touch it.  Lina is awesome.  She gives me kisses and talks to me and it makes me feel warm and safe.  And sometimes when I’m sleeping she comes and checks on me, and will give me a toy or pacifier, or tell Mom and Dad if I’m “whimpering.”  I don’t think she knows that I know. But I know and I’m happy.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a good Thanksgiving and someone made good food for you to eat, if you’re into that.  Here are a couple of more pictures Mom and Dad have taken.


Settling in

Hello friends. I’ve been home for a few days now. I like it. My Papa and Gram Pat are visiting. It’s been great to meet them. They will go home soon and then my Grandma and Grandpa from Texas are coming to visit. That will be lots of fun.

Today I met Mr. Dr. Dagli. His hands were cold, but he was nice enough. He said that I’m healthy, do I have that going for me.

When I’m at home I like to nap and eat. They are my two favorite things to do. Sometimes my belly hurts, or I don’t want to be by myself. So I cry. Mom says I’ll learn words someday, but crying seems to work. Most of the time.

My mom and Dad are cool. And I really like my sister. She’s sweet. Here we are playing today after she came home from school.


I don’t think this is worth a post, but Dad is insisting.  I told you how I’m starting to move around a bit…Well today I crawled for the first time.  Mom and Dad say it’s not really a crawl, but I think they are being a little persnickety.  Sure, I need to refine things a bit – that’s why I don’t want to post this just yet.  But as far as I’m concerned I’m a crawling baby.  I was on my belly and by moving my legs I moved across the bed to Dad’s watch.  If that’s not a crawl, I don’t know what is.  Anyway, here’s a video, you be the judge:

A Few of My Favorite Things – Update

Three months ago I posted a list of some of my favorite and not-so-favorite things.  Since then I’ve lived through my first summer (which was awesome), and have learned and experienced a bunch of new things.  Which means those lists have changed some.  So here’s my post-summer update.

First the Favs:

Walking – Above and beyond everything else, the one thing I always want to do is walk.  I can’t really explain why, maybe it’s the sweet smell of freedom.  Maybe it’s the slight burn in my thighs as I build up muscle tissue.  Maybe it’s the weeble-wobble fun of not being able to balance.  I really can’t tell you.  Truth be told, I still need to hold onto two adult hands, but that doesn’t bother me (except when they refuse to cooperate – see below).

Eating – I love food and I’m not afraid to say it.  Today I had spinach for the first time.  Good.  Last week I ate kale.  Delish.  Before that I had the bomb-diggity of all vegetables, broccoli.  It was amazing (check out the video – yum broccoli).  Next up, apples.

Sleeping – Nothing like a good night’s rest, you know what I mean?  It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in my crib (see below), but once the sandman comes calling, I pack it in and clock in a good eleven or twelve hours.

Mom & Dad – Those guys are the best.  They don’t always do what I want, but it’s a special feeling waking up and seeing their faces in the morning.  Gets me every time.  Mom and I have special time in the morning when she’s getting dressed and putting on make-up.  It’s fun to brush our teeth together.  She’s so smart, pretty, and strong.  And snuggling and hugging Dad just makes me feel good.

Mrs. Sherab (and Kunga and Sonam) – I think I told you about Mrs. Sherab before.  Some days Mom and Dad both have to go to work, which is when she gets to come over and play.  She’s super nice.  And I really love it when her daughters, Kunga and Sonam, don’t have to go to school and come with her.

Being outside – We’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately.  I went hiking for the first time with Mom and Dad (I think we’re going again today).  And sometimes we take walks in my stroller.  And other times we go to the park with my friends Will, Elle, and Cormac and sit under the trees.  Occasionally we even just sit in our driveway (the other day I got to help Mom and Dad pick some weeds).  I really like being outside – it’s fun to feel my toes in the grass.

Reading – Every night before I go to bed I read at least three books with Mom or Dad.  Now I help turn pages, and I get so excited when we read.  I’m always looking for what comes next in the story.  And one of my books has a button that makes a duck sound – it’s awesome, and I can sometimes push the button all by myself.

Bath time – It was a little tough to get used to, but now I really have fun splashing, playing, and getting clean.  I like water in general, but the weather’s gotten a little too chilly to go to spray parks.

Moving – I still don’t really love being on my belly, but now that I’m getting stronger it’s not as bad.  Mom, Dad, and Mrs. Sherab make me play on my belly a lot.  That’s helping me get stronger and I’m even able to move around a little bit.  I say it’s crawling, but Mom and Dad say I haven’t crossed that threshold just yet.  But I can spin around scoot a few inches.  And I can roll from my back onto my belly (in fact, that’s how I sleep most nights).  Technically, I can roll from my belly onto my back, but I’m still perfecting that skill.  And with all this twisting and turning, I’m even able to scoot a little bit when I’m sitting up.  Of course, I would just prefer to grab big people hands and walk, but since they don’t always help out, I’m starting to become mobile on my own.

Now the Not-so-favs:

Falling asleep – As much as I like sleeping, I really hate falling asleep.  Every night I have change into my pjs, have a bottle, and read a few books.  I know that Mom and Dad hope that the routine make it easier for me to settle in.  Don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy the routine, but I just don’t like bedtime.  Every night I try to tell Mom and Dad.  Sometimes I continue to try and tell them for thirty to forty-five minutes.  They just don’t listen.

Nightmares – These just flat out stink.  They don’t happen every night, and fortunately I don’t have the ability to really remember them (If I did, it’d probably make falling asleep even harder).  But sometimes scary things swirl around in my head and wake me up.  I can shake them off pretty quickly and get back to sleep, so that’s good – but I still don’t like it.

Not-walking – It makes me so mad when I feel like a little stroll, or want to explore things and Mom or Dad won’t help me out.  They say it’s for my own good, but that doesn’t mean anything to me.  And now they took away my walker.  The least they could have done is let me keep playing with it.  I was getting really good – zooming down the hallway, turning sharp corners, make three point turns in reverse.  I was a master.  But they say that I need to learn to crawl and move on my own.  I say that they need to let me be me.

Teething – Apparently it could be worse.  It’s not unbearable, but it doesn’t always feel good.

Feeling crabby – Sometimes I’m just in a mood, if you know what I mean.  Mom and Dad ask why, but I don’t know how to talk yet, so I can’t tell them.  And honestly, I don’t always want to tell them, and I don’t always know why.  But after a while I shake it off.  That’s just the way it goes.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Thanks for reading everyone.  Check back again – I’ll have more updates as soon as I can.

Labor Day Weekend

I hope you’re Labor Day weekend was as lovely as mine.  And now that it’s September, I’m seven months old!  I have a lot of updates, but first here’s a video of Mom and I having a little Labor Day Dance Party.

Fun, fun!

I’m gonna start off with some bad news.  Now that I’m getting older I’m starting to understand that living in the world is complicated.  And sometimes I’m just not happy.  When I was younger things were simpler.  I’d get hungry; Mom or Dad would feed me.  I’d get tired and I’d fall asleep.  I’d get bored and then I’d put something in my mouth.  Now there’s more to it, you know?

What’s really annoying is that Mom and Dad and I don’t speak the same language yet, so I can’t always tell them what’s wrong. (Although it is kind of fun watching them fumble about trying to make me happy).  Some nights I get really tired.  So tired that I can’t fall asleep – you know what I mean?  And these new teeth are really cool, but they don’t always feel good.  And the worst of it all is, I’m stuck.  A potted plant they call me.  Sure, it’s fun to sit and play for a while – but there’s so much to do.  I want to get up and about.  I’m really good at walking with Mom and Dad’s help, but they don’t always want to play.  They keep telling me that I need to crawl, but crawling’s for babies.  I’m trying to tell them that I’m seven months old and need to walk like a big girl.  So sometimes I just have to cry.  And cry.  Then cry a little harder.  And then that makes me sad, so I cry even more.  We’re working on it.

But not all of the news is bad.  Like I said, the walking is awesome.  I’m getting really good.  And now I have my first pair of shoes.  They are from a place called Converse.  It’s tricky walking in them, but I’m getting the hang of it.

And I’m getting to eat more and more yummy foods.  Squash, bananas, avocados, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots.  The only thing I don’t like so much are prunes.  Dad didn’t really like them either, and he’ll eat anything.  He said that they were too acidic, I just agreed with him.  He says that soon I get to try broccoli and kale.  Sounds good to me.  I can’t get enough.

Oh, and I have a new carseat.  The old one was for babies, and I’m too big for it.  Now I’m cruising in style.  It even has a toy shark holder (Mom says it’s technically a cup holder, but my toy shark fits just fine).  And it doesn’t have the silly detachable carrier thing, so when I go to the store I get to sit in the shopping cart!

I’m also getting smarter.  One thing I’ve learned is to turn the pages in my books.  And I recognize myself in mirrors and the iPad screen.  Apparently I was there all along, but just couldn’t tell – who knew!  Here’s a funny video of me making Dad help me walk before I get distracted by myself (how embarrassing).

The other neat thing is that I’m getting to spend a lot more time with my friend, Mrs. Sherab.  She plays with me while Mom and Dad are at work.  Even though I miss Mom and Dad, it’s so much fun playing with her.  We sing and dance and take walks.  You’ll have to meet her soon.  Oh, and sometimes her daughters come and play too.  They are big like my cousins.

OK – it’s bedtime (and I’m not real happy about it).  Goodnight everyone.  Love you all.

Friday, Friday

Hello everyone.  I hope you’re all having a good Friday.  I am – my cousin is coming to visit today, which is exciting.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you – I have a lot of updates.

I’ve been eating a lot of new yummy foods.  As you know, it all started with carrots that my dad made.   Then I moved to peas, which were nice.  Then I tried sweet potatoes – Taste-tastic!  My tastebuds and I were overwhelmed.  I was so engrossed in the flavor I didn’t notice Dad taking a video:

Now we’ve moved onto summer squash.  It’s very yummy too!  The only thing I don’t like about eating is that Mom and Dad insist on feeding me.  I keep trying to show them that I can hold the spoon and feed myself – it’s an ongoing struggle…

In addition to trying new foods, I’ve also been working on my muscles.  My favorite thing is standing.  I’m even trying to walk a little.  Check it out:

And Mom and I have been working on our dance moves:

Unfortunately I’m ending with some bad news.  Next week Mom has to go back to work.  I’m excited to spend time with my friend Ms. Sherab – but I’m sad that Mom and Dad will be gone during the day.  I’m excited for Mom, because I know that she likes her job and is looking forward to seeing her students – but we’ve had so much fun this summer.  This morning Mom and I had a photo shoot so she could have a picture of me on her computer.  She had a photo from when I was really little, so she wanted a new picture because I’m a big six-month old girl.  Some of the photos came out really good, take a look: